Friday, 13 May 2016

Importance of ISO 29990 of an Trainning Institute.

ISO 29990 is basically subdivided into two areas: into learning services (for example, these services include designing, providing and monitoring of learning services) and management at the learning service provider for example business planning, financial management, risk management as well as human resources management. This standard is the first standard for learning providers that is valid and applied on an international scale. The advantages for learning providers are transparency of their own services, international comparability and working according to defined processes for quality assurance. The QCC certificate is an objective demonstration of conformity, creating      confidence for learners and other interested parties in the ability of the organization to achive quality throughout the learning process.

Objective and Target

  • assuring quality, transparency and comparability in educational institutions.
  • creating a generic quality model for non-formal education and training.
  • focusing on competence of the teaching staff and of the organisation

Motivation and Benefits


ISO 29990:2010 is an International Standard for providers of training and further training, which is certifiable and is to the state of the art in conformity to the ISO requirements placed on management systems. The Standard addresses all types of educational institutions. Single trainers, private seminar providers, organizations providing further training with courses, curricula and internal training and further training up to universities. The Standard has some congruent features with other management systems, above all with ISO 9001:2008

Target Group 


all educational institutions - from the single trainer via private providers of seminars and courses and internal training and further training to academies and university institutions providing non-formal education and training.




The teaching provider will have to defi ne, assess and further develop clear competence profi les for the employees. Feedback loops and a complaints management process are required. The management system acc. to ISO 29990 enables systematic further development of the organization, including internal and external process optimization

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